Company info

Company policy
/Action plan

Basic Philosopy

Cambridge team members have a mission becoming a “Collective Flow” or “burning group” and spreading the Cambridge brand around the world.

Priority policy

  • 1. Encouraging morning greeting.
  • 2. Be smart.
  • 3. Be proud of our Cambridge brand.

Quality/Environmental policy

We will build quality and environmental management that can support products and services in order to provide a wide range of air purifying spaces in Japan and overseas.

  • 1. We strive to meet our customers’ expectations and needs.
  • 2. Fulfill customers’ requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements, social norms, local rules and compliance obligations.
  • 3.Business activities use materials, methods, equipment, etc. that take into consideration the prevention of environmental pollution, the use of resources, and the protection of ecosystems.
  • 4.Quality and environmental management system will continue to improve, including addressing risks and opportunities.

I will set the objectives and targets based on this management policy, and I, who is the president, will review them in the management review.
This policy will be communicated to all employees and announced to the outside through media.